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Musical Instrument Insurance

Music is eternal….but your musical instruments aren’t– So, it’s important that you safeguard them! With a primary aim to provide complete “financial protection” for the musical instruments, we at, Clarion Inc., have specifically developed unique policies to meet the exclusive and unique requirements of musicians. Our Musician-centric and Comprehensive plans cover everything (different instruments; right from the classical and vintage to the modern equipments) and everyone! So, even if you are a member of a small local band or a professional online musician, we have wide-ranging plans that accommodate every composer.

We provide complete Protection against “All Risks”!

Our 20+ years of experience have taught us the value an instrument has in a musician’s life – Its loss, theft or damage can leave a void. Though filling emotional void in not easy; at Clarion Inc. we assure full-fledge “Financial Protection” for your instrument. Our extensive coverage that includes variety of plans flute insurance, Piccolo insurance, Clarinet insurance,  Bassoon insurance, etc not only covers the cost of repairs for a damaged instrument, but even provide assistance in buying a new one against lost, stolen or damaged ones.

We have build up a World-Wide Network to offer constant and efficient services to our clients, no matter where they are!

Our coverage plans follow you in every corner of world. Our large and world-wide instrument dealer’s network will reach out to you with practical and quick solutions in case of any damage, theft or loss.  Hence, the musicians can have complete peace of mind, even while they are touring.

For us Our Clients comes first! And so, we have a hotline for placing your claims, assuring you a quicker method to reach out us in times of adversity.

In addition to this, our musical instrument insurance you get a numerous benefits like – Right of Repurchase, Newly Acquired Instrument Coverage, Borrowed Instrument Coverage, Replacement Instrument Coverage – to name a few!

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