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Musical Instrument Appraisers’ Insurance Plan

We all make mistakes in life. For appraisers, their mistakes can quickly become very costly, both figuratively and literally. While we can’t help you undo the mistakes in your past, we can help you plan for and protect your future better. Our musical instrument appraisers’ insurance plan has been created and tailored to deal with the unique challenges and risks instrument appraisers may face in their business.

This unique policy protects you from potential liability associated with instances of misappraisal, in addition to covering the costs of possible damages and repairs for musical instruments and accessories, as well as helping replace lost instruments and musical equipment. While instances of misappraisal aren’t common, the issues that result from them can be quite costly and can even damage your reputation. Our policy is here to protect you and help you better navigate these potential challenges, in turn reducing possible losses and any downtime you may face.

Why Choose Clarion Associates?

Clarion Associates, Inc. is a third-generation family-owned and operated insurance agency with over 50 years of experience providing musical instrument insurance. For the last half century, we have devoted our attention to focusing on the needs of musicians as well as the broader music industry. We offer comprehensive and customizable coverage at competitive rates. Our agents provide rapid response and prompt processing of your claims, allowing you to focus on your business and get back to what matters most.

We are an industry leader in musical instrument insurance and have been recognized by a number of renowned musical institutions, schools, and symphonies for our exceptional coverage and service. In addition to the support of these prestigious organizations, we have the support of a robust network of over 20,000 musicians worldwide who continue to utilize the quality and commitment of our staff and services.

Reach out to us by phone, online, or even land mail, for a consultation with a trusted Clarion adviser today. We can help map out your specific insurance needs and customize a policy that is perfect for you, protecting your business and allowing you to better secure your future.

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