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Brass Musical Instrument Insurance

We know how valuable your brass instrument is to you, which is why we have created a comprehensive brass musical instrument insurance plan, that can be customized, to meet your needs.

At Clarion we offer an extensive insurance plan for your brass instrument that gives you the maximum coverage and benefits in the event your instrument is lost, damaged, or stolen.

We believe that customer satisfaction is paramount, and we strive to achieve excellence, which is why our policies are designed with musicians’ requirements in mind.

We offer worldwide coverage!

We have leveraged over 25 years of experience in musical instrument insurance to create competitive insurance plans that have global appeal. We protect your instrument wherever it is, whether it’s at home or abroad.

We also have a large national network of dealers and associations that work with Clarion, so we can offer rapid assistance in repairing or replacing your damaged or stolen instruments.

We cover more than most!

We know that accidents happen, so if your instrument was lost or damaged by an accident, like a flood or a fire, or even stolen out of an unlocked car, we will quickly assist you in repairing or replacing said instrument.

We know there are numerous ways your instrument can become damaged or lost, which is why we cover more factors and events than most other insurance providers.

Our policies are customized for your needs!

Whether you’re an amateur who is just learning how to play, or a seasoned musician, our insurance plans are customized to provide the specific coverage you need.

We offer affordable premiums and customized plans because we know everyone is different and has their own specific needs.

Easy communication and rapid response

Our exceptional team has your back! You can reach us online, over the phone, and even via land mail. You can also submit claims and policy changes online, at any time of the day!

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